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The Best Carne Asada in the World

All of us have probably eaten carne asada but do we know what it really is? If you are just one of the many who just enjoy the meat, enough of feeding your tummy, time for some food for thought!

Carne Asada is the spanish for “roasted meat” or basically what we call a grilled beef. The cut of beef that’s usually used for carne asada is a skirt steak which is usually marinated but some people prefer to make their own carne asada marinade. Carne Asada is used in a lot of dishes especially beef wraps and burritos and is often served with grilled veggies, the famous guacamole and some delicious salsa!

Carne Asada is more than just a meal for some people, most of the time it is the star of the night and it brings people over to the comfort of your home and the best conversations happening at the dinner table. But like all things, not all carne asada are created equal, some just tastes better than the others while some are truly heaven sent! That’s why Kennedy’s Karne takes pride in their 16 time champion carne asada san diego’s finest and the whole world for that matter!

You don’t have to go to lavish and expensive restaurants to treat yourself to a good carne asada. With Kennedy’s Karne, you can have this wonderful dining experience in the comfort of your home! This is perfect for busy people who don’t have the time to go out or for those who’s having a barbecue party but don’t have time to prepare the meat. Order the world’s best Carne Asada and we’re sure you’ll never look at steak the same way again!

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