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Fire Up the Grill at Kit Carson Park

Kit Carson park is the perfect location for your family’s weekend bbq. It’s got the green, the shade, the disc golf, and soon, the smell of that bbq sizzle. If you’re from Escondido, chances are that this is not your first Sunday at the park and you know the barbecues are available on a reservation basis.

What to do once you’ve secured your grill? Fire up some of Kennedy’s quality meats! Because we only use USDA Choice of meat or higher, you can feel confident that you’re serving your family the best.

There’s an abundance of space and things to see and do at Kit Carson park. Work up an appetite on one of the sports fields or the 22,000 square­foot skate park. Take a stroll around one of the ponds and explore some of its many hiking trails. Or simply sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Fire up and enjoy the weekend!



Barbacoa Fries

The Best Carne Asada in the World

All of us have probably eaten carne asada but do we know what it really is? If you are just one of the many who just enjoy the meat, enough of feeding your tummy, time for some food for thought!

Carne Asada is the spanish for “roasted meat” or basically what we call a grilled beef. The cut of beef that’s usually used for carne asada is a skirt steak which is usually marinated but some people prefer to make their own carne asada marinade. Carne Asada is used in a lot of dishes especially beef wraps and burritos and is often served with grilled veggies, the famous guacamole and some delicious salsa!

Carne Asada is more than just a meal for some people, most of the time it is the star of the night and it brings people over to the comfort of your home and the best conversations happening at the dinner table. But like all things, not all carne asada are created equal, some just tastes better than the others while some are truly heaven sent! That’s why Kennedy’s Karne takes pride in their 16 time champion carne asada san diego’s finest and the whole world for that matter!

You don’t have to go to lavish and expensive restaurants to treat yourself to a good carne asada. With Kennedy’s Karne, you can have this wonderful dining experience in the comfort of your home! This is perfect for busy people who don’t have the time to go out or for those who’s having a barbecue party but don’t have time to prepare the meat. Order the world’s best Carne Asada and we’re sure you’ll never look at steak the same way again!

Top 5 Mexican Foods to Try at Kennedys Karne

Mexican foods showcase a pleasant harmony between spices, ingredients, colors and artistry. If you’re visiting San Diego this summer to go to the beach or visit the zoo with your kids, you’ll definitely want to head over to Kennedy’s Carne too to taste beautifully delicious recipes of the top 5 Mexican foods worth trying.

Made with delicious carne asada, sour cream, potatoes and cheese, the Cali Burrito is one of the best and most popular Southern California dishes. You will also find a different version of this burrito made with guacamole instead of sour cream, both very sumptuous and filling. You’ll most likely see a Cali Burrito on the hands of hungry beach mongers after surfing the waves of the ocean. Why is it so famous, especially in San Diego? You simply have to try to find out.


Whether it’s with turkey or just the regular “grilled cheese-like” quesadilla, this Mexican food is always very appealing to the palate. There have been many different adapted styles of making this tortilla wrapped dish and it’s always fun to experiment on the ingredients that you want to add or substitute. You can often find quesadillas as appetizers in restaurants, but it’s not a bad thing to make it a whole meal by itself at all.

If you love chili pepper, you won’t go wrong with enchiladas. This corn tortilla wrapped wonder can be made with different fillings like meat, vegetables, potatoes or seafood, which is then covered with pepper sauce that can go as spicy as you want it to be. Although originally a street food, enchiladas have now become part of the most sought after Mexican restaurants in the country.

Who doesn’t know what a taco is? We’re all fond of it whether it’s hard-shelled, soft shelled, puffy or crispy. It’s a great snack and party food. It’s easy to prepare and you can have a variety of taco filling prepared and let your guests choose whatever they want to put in. This Mexican food is probably the most fun to experiment with. You can put vegetables, cheese, salsa, meat, seafood or whatever else you want that will go great with wheat or corn tortilla.

This classic chicken dish made it to the top 5 Mexican foods to try because it’s a dish that can be done in different variations and you still won’t go wrong. Pollo Asado is simply grilled chicken but with a twist, in the Mexican case, a twist of lime or orange. The combination of fresh cilantro, ground cumin, chili, garlic and serrano used to marinate the chicken will make you feel that home cooked meal goodness wherever you’re eating.

So there we are with the must-try Mexican foods. Which one’s your favorite?

Juicy Grilled Steak

Most of you definitely had a try at making New York strip steak once in a while. Yeah, I know you had ended into having a dried piece of meat comparable with leather.
Well, there’re five tips to change that misadventure into a pleasure. Five guidelines that would let you have hot juicy steaks next time are as follows:
1. Purchase a quality meat: For a nice New York strip, you should choose a quality meat with good marbling. Marbling refers to small fat flecks throughout the piece of steak meat that lend it a great flavor when grilled.  Also take help from your butcher in selecting the best meat for your steaks – as butchers are meat specialists they can tell you which meat is steak friendly.

2. Store meat at room temperature: Before throwing your steak on a smoking sizzling grill, first bring it to a room-temperature. Remove the meat from refrigerator almost half an hour before cooking. If you’ve previously refrigerated the steaks, give it sufficient time to defrost and then come to room-temperature.

3. Marinade the steak before grilling: You should season the meat prior to grilling. Use a good mix of pepper and salt as per your taste. Put on the flavoring blend profusely, and push and rub it against them meat surface. At variance with what most of the people usually believe, applying salt to steaks before grilling would not dry it out.

4. Grill on high Flame: Use a sizzling hot grill for your steaks. Be it a charcoal grill, gas or some other source of heat, it doesn’t matter. Just ensure it’s hot.

5. Keep the steak juicy: A last tip for delicious steak is, do not let the steak juices come out. Keep turning over the steak and don’t make holes on in it or all its natural juice will flow out of it.
Serve your New York strip steak with a nicely baked potato and enjoy.