Juicy Grilled Steak

Most of you definitely had a try at making New York strip steak once in a while. Yeah, I know you had ended into having a dried piece of meat comparable with leather.
Well, there’re five tips to change that misadventure into a pleasure. Five guidelines that would let you have hot juicy steaks next time are as follows:
1. Purchase a quality meat: For a nice New York strip, you should choose a quality meat with good marbling. Marbling refers to small fat flecks throughout the piece of steak meat that lend it a great flavor when grilled.  Also take help from your butcher in selecting the best meat for your steaks – as butchers are meat specialists they can tell you which meat is steak friendly.

2. Store meat at room temperature: Before throwing your steak on a smoking sizzling grill, first bring it to a room-temperature. Remove the meat from refrigerator almost half an hour before cooking. If you’ve previously refrigerated the steaks, give it sufficient time to defrost and then come to room-temperature.

3. Marinade the steak before grilling: You should season the meat prior to grilling. Use a good mix of pepper and salt as per your taste. Put on the flavoring blend profusely, and push and rub it against them meat surface. At variance with what most of the people usually believe, applying salt to steaks before grilling would not dry it out.

4. Grill on high Flame: Use a sizzling hot grill for your steaks. Be it a charcoal grill, gas or some other source of heat, it doesn’t matter. Just ensure it’s hot.

5. Keep the steak juicy: A last tip for delicious steak is, do not let the steak juices come out. Keep turning over the steak and don’t make holes on in it or all its natural juice will flow out of it.
Serve your New York strip steak with a nicely baked potato and enjoy.

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