About Us - Kennedy's Karne

Our Story

"We are a family business."

Since 1968, Kennedy’s Karne has been serving the public with “Award Winning” Carne Asada. The original recipe was created by Jesus Soto in Calexico, CA. In 1960, Mr. Soto emigrated to the U.S. with his wife, Rosa, and they settled in the then small town of Calexico, CA where he first managed and later co-owned a grocery store. Years later Mr. Soto would have his then 7-year old son Daniel help with small tasks around the store. Daniel would pack potatoes, sort glass soda bottles, beans, rice, eggs and other goods. After a few years Mr. Soto sold his half of the business and relocated to Heber, CA where they converted an old hotel/post office into the now popular Kennedy’s Market. In 1982, Kennedy’s Market burned down but Mr. Soto and his family reopened just half a block down the street. Mr. Soto worked at Kennedy’s Market until his passing in 1993 leaving his son Daniel to take over operations. Daniel managed and co-owned the Heber location and as business flourished Daniel opened a second location in El Centro, CA, a third in  Escondido, CA and later opened their first restaurant Kennedy's Taco in the city of El Centro, CA.

Since the stores openings, Kennedy’s Karne has become a household name and has won over 35 awards across the desert southwest and San Diego County.

With huge demand for Kennedy’s Karne quality meats, we are proud to announce that customers can now easily order Certified Angus Beef, and USDA Prime & Choice cuts online to be shipped nationwide.